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We believe our horse programs strengthen capacities for social change in the others and inspire personal growth” through non—violent and “mindful” communication by using  the natural energy of horses.

We have over 38 years of teaching others how to change their behavior by facilitating innovative experiential and personal development horse programs throughout the country.
Our programs have been attended by youth and adults, designed to address the specific needs of tribal entities, juvenile probation departments, colleges and public/private  entities.

We strive to help others change their behavior through horses by supporting, administering and facilitating innovative experiential, personal development programs and horse therapy.


By promoting intellectual growth, we create an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication barriers for program participants. It is with this in mind that we have found that, “no one has ever built strong, trusting, respectful, harmonious relationships with anyone, human or animal…….by using intimidation, fear, force or pain…..they never have and they never will,”

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