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Communication  Is  Key

For the past 38 years, our horse programs have helped others by offering a fun and exciting way to strengthen capacities for social change in others and inspire personal growth through non—violent and “mindful” communication by using the natural energy of the horse.


By allowing humans to interact safely with horses in a non-competitive environment, our programs encourage personal development and confidence.   It is the horse that provides participants with new insights by revealing new ways of interacting and understanding others and ourselves.


By learning through the horse, we have created learning programs that develop interpersonal skills and application “know how” that dramatically transform participant’s performance. Join us on this new exciting journey of learning, like no other.



We would like to invite you to participate in our unique horse programs. We look forward to meeting with you soon.

remember, no one has ever built strong, trusting, respectful, harmonious relationships with anyone, human or animal…….by using intimidation, fear, force or pain…..they never have and they never will 

Bob  Allen

You can’t change the way they behave, until you are able to change the way they THINK. Most people

are trying to change the way they behave or act, without ever trying to change how they are thinking.


Bob  Allen 

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