DeSpooking & Horse Riding Safety Training


The solution to fixing the "troubles" we are having with our horse, is to "learn" how to be better a teacher to our horse!



 Horse Trainers Show You What They Can Do With YOUR Horse.  I'll  Show YOU  What You Can Accomplish with YOUR Horse!

The "wrong" communication will always create the "wrong" response and behavior from your horse, child, or whatever.

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Bob Allen

 Your Riding Safety, Is My #1 Priority!! 


I am more of a "people trainer", than a horse trainer.  I teach rider's that if you are having a behavioral problem with your horse, you are really having a communication problem. 




Remember, the horses' behavior can't change, until the rider's skill level changes.

I come to your location, and show you how to fix your horses unwanted, or dangerous behavior in a safe way.  
I teach you how to effectively communicate with your horse.
I want my students to always understand how mis-communication always creates dangerous, or unwanted behavior from our horses.
I  teach "Ride Safe Training Clinics" where you learn the skills you need to safely handle and ride your horse anywhere.
I tell my students that if you are a horse rider, you're automatically a horse trainer, or in  some cases a horse "untrainer".
I want my students to know that their horse's behavior will depend on what the riders know, not what their "HORSE" knows.
As horse riders, we do what we know how to do, but when we know more, we do better. If you are willing to learn, I am willing to teach . ..Bob Allen
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Bob Allen